Operative sectors

The bending of metal section bars (also with TB, thermal break) is particularly used in the following sectors:

  • doors and windows
  • manufactured articles for outdoor furniture or street furniture (cantilever roofs, railings, garages, tunnels, domes, light fixtures)
  • manufactured articles for indoor furniture (stairs, banisters, reception areas)
  • commercial furniture
  • architecture
  • design

Other particular sectors that have benefited from our skill in bending metal profiles:

We collaborate with top profile and door/window manufacturers and with noted metal workers, offering them a service capable of bending aluminium or metal section bars of any type and size.

What makes us stand out, and for which we have been recognised, is our precision finish and specification measurements, especially when it comes to making aluminium thermal break doors or windows, which by their very nature require a greater level of precision.


[ ... profiles we can bend

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